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Blackberry Development

Blackberry Development

Blackberry was the first brands which was launched as a business phone and still hold that image in the market. As per the projected image Blackberry phones come with hardware capabilities to handle business applications. While targeting hand held device users if we ignore blackberry we ignore a market segment which comprises serious business users and professionals.

Blackberry Smartphone design and development by Research In Motion (RIM) located in Canada. First Blackberry device introduce as two-way pager in 1999 after some years of research and development in mobile industries RIM announce BlackBerry Smartphone in 2002, which supported web browsing, text-messaging, push-email and other wireless related services. Blackberry is primary known as its capability for sending and receiving internet e-mail through mobile networks or Wi-Fi connectivity with help of Blackberry Enterprise Server which available for Novell Group Wise, Lotus Domino and Microsoft Exchange. Small and big companies from various industries like travel, shopping, banking, insurance and health are building blackberry applications for their businesses. We have an experienced team of Blackberry developers which has successfully developedand implemented business applications and other utilities running on OS.

Blackberry Development

We Provide following Blackberry Mobile Application Development Services:

Why does your business need to hire offshore iPad application developers from Trium Info? The answer lies in the competitive edge such iPad design apps can offer your business:

  • Blackberry Business Apps Development
  • Blackberry Application Development
  • Blackberry Communication Application Development
  • Blackberry Game Development
  • Blackberry Java Application Development
  • Blackberry Widget Development
  • Blackberry Reporting Solutions
  • Blackberry Multimedia Applications
  • Blackberry GPS Application Solutions
  • Blackberry Client / Server Application Development
  • 3rd Party Application Porting on Blackberry Devices
  • Wireless Solutions
  • Wireless Entertainment
  • Advertisement Applications
  • Internet based Solutions

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